Christmas flick #9

16 Dec

You’ve Got Mail

I know a lot of guys don’t like this film, and I know there are folks who are not Ephron fans.  But I can’t help myself.  “Bouquets of sharpened pencils?”  Come on!  I watch this film whenever I’m feeling the seasons change…the fall, during Christmas, the dark of winter, when spring finally begins to appear.  Or just when I have a million flu-related kleenexes lying around everywhere.  I love that the story spans the seasons, and perhaps I could argue that the seasons themselves are characters in this film.  Whatever.  I just know that regardless of Kathleen’s weird relationship issues, this film helps me remember that the bad things in life only last for a season.  That after the old year comes the new one.  And it also taught me how to spell fox.  “F-O-X.”

These days the film is hitting a little closer to home in a different way.  Working retail full-time now, when business is slow and I can look out the window and see happy shoppers passing by with bags from other, cheaper stores, I can really relate to Shopgirl.  Makes me want to get crafty with popsicle sticks and find more twinkle lights.  Only I can’t because Christmas lights are forbidden.  Ack!

It also connects with my love for literature and letter writing.  I don’t care how many actors from Glee sing songs, I will never possess nor allow a Nook or Kindle in my house because I love real books.  Actual pages to turn and smudge and smell.  Ink that gets on my hands.  God bless books.  God bless trees who give their lives for them.  And God bless stores that combine books with legal addictive stimulants.  Amen.

Typewriter addictions aside, I also love Greg Kinnear.  And NY152’s wonderful character arc.  And I have a thing for Brinkley who sleeps on a large green pillow the size of an innertube.  Clearly, I have watched this movie too many times.  So sue me.

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