The Great State Fair

24 Sep

(Above photo courtesy of Elizabeth Crumpler)

On Thursday, my pal Miss Wisabus and I ventured out to the “Great State Fair of…Oklahoma.”  I considered live-tweeting our adventure, but when you have to choose between juggling your iPhone or your funnel cake, the funnel cake always wins.  It’s a hard truth.

First stop, the duck races.  Unfortunately, by 6:15 the 6:00 show was over and completely cleared out.  All that was left was the duck feeding cage.  But just across the sidewalk another show was getting ready to start.  Check this out.

Meet Nubs the 3-legged rescue dog.  He’s getting ready to show you what an animal that nobody wanted is willing to do for the privilege of chewing on a frisbee.

Do you see his face?  This dog is all business.  He can’t wait one more minute for take-off.

Take-off, catch, and into the drink.  Got trick dogs?

That is the happiest wet dog I’ve ever seen.  Check the look on his face.  A 3-legged dog has just schooled us humans in what — and who — has value.  And he knows it.  Nubs, the discarded dog, is the winner.  Not only can he get the frisbee, but he does.  I love that mutt!

Speaking of doing…  Next Elizabeth and I toured the Photography Exhibit in the City Arts Center.  There was some pretty fantastic amateur work in there.  My favorite works were in the Pets (surprise!) and Landscape categories.  Too bad they don’t have prints for sale.

By the time we left the exhibit, our stomachs were speaking to us.  There. Was. So. Much. Food. How do you choose?  I’d like one of everything, please.  Cheese curds, cinnamon rolls, deep fried cinnamon rolls, bacon cinnamon rolls, “wok & roll,” anything-you-can-think-of-on-a-stick, turkey legs ($8? I don’t think so!), Indian tacos, gyros…ok, like, that’s only about half of it.  Since I’d never had a fair-fried corn dog, I grabbed one of those, smothered it in mustard, and Elizabeth and I — and the corn dog and her cheesy potatoes — took a stroll to cruise our second course.  Oh, noes.  The Fair is not on the low-carb diet plan.  We decided there should always be a buddy system in place for the Fair — you share my stuff, and I’ll share yours.  That way you never eat all of anything.  She grabbed her bacon cinnamon roll, and I grabbed my funnel cake.  Which I promptly put my nose in trying to scarf down…and got powdered sugar on my shoulder.  How do you get powdered sugar on your shoulder??  Being a little piggy, that’s how.  And speaking of pigs…

Next stop was the livestock barns.  We didn’t have much time left, and there really weren’t any animals left in the barn by then.  Except one animal rescue horse and the Express Clydesdales.

Man, I love horses.  I wish I knew something about riding them.  But this city girl can dream.  We did meet one who had been particularly honored.  Ahem.

After the barns we made our way past the sound stage and headed back toward the car.

We said “night, night” to the buffaloes.  Then we mounted up and headed home.  It was short but sweet.  In so many ways.  But, of course, the best way was having a good pal to share it with.

For Miss Wisabus’ take on our adventure, click here.

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