Joy in an open door

20 Apr

This morning I found joy in an open door.  It’s my own front door, but today it’s more than just open to delicious spring breezes and the merriment of birds.

My week kicked off with a bout of Holy Week spring cleaning madness.  This is not your ordinary spring cleaning — I’m spurred on by some inner drive to not just clear the cobwebs but to do so as a symbolic gesture of welcoming the Lord into my home and heart during this meaningful week.  Apart from Him, I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

Going about my madness I opened the front door to enjoy the weather while I worked.  It was just like any other time I’ve opened the door before, but the madness impressed me with how empty and bare it was.  Not very welcoming at all.  So I set down the furniture polish and strode onward in a quest to find an Easter wreath.  There must be one somewhere.  Nothing in the garage.  Nothing in the closet.  But then as I was about to give up, there in my storage unit, I mean, spare bedroom, it was already hanging on the wall.

Just a very simple little wreath.  Nothing ostentatious or cutesy about it.  The kind of wreath you probably wouldn’t even notice when you walked into the room.  But as I looked at it I remembered.

I remembered my lovely, lovely friend who gave it to me as a gift when she got married.  I remembered the warmth of her mother as she told me I could tie different colored ribbons on it throughout the year to enjoy it more.  So I took it off the naked wall and headed for my ribbon drawer.

I pawed through reds and pinks and whites and greens, looking for something springish.  In the grip of my elevated spirituality I decided I wasn’t going to be happy with anything that wasn’t perfectly liturgical.  But then I saw it.

Lodged in the back corner of the drawer was a wide, pale yellow ribbon rolled neatly and fastened by a straight pin.  As I looked at it I remembered something else.

I remembered a small treasure in a butter yellow box, tied perfectly with this ribbon.  I remembered my aunt who had sent it to me because she remembered my birthday and wanted me to know I mattered.

So maybe pale yellow is not quite in keeping with the colors of the liturgical calendar.  But in my heart I felt the Lord’s pleasure as I tied it on.  How it must have pleased Him for these people to have shown their love for me through their small sacrifices.  How hanging them with honor on my door now honors Him.  I realized I’ve hung love on my door.  And that was what He wanted to feel welcome.

We spend this entire week looking at the empty cross and remembering the last week of Jesus’ life here on earth.  How horrible and beautiful His sacrifice for us was — how He rode in to Jerusalem toward His death; how He tasted one last meal with people who loved Him; how He was accused and beaten and laid down His life at the hands of those who hated Him; how He defeated death so that I could have eternal life and know what real Love is.  Christ hung on the cross…and I hung a wreath on my door.  That such a mighty King could find worth or pleasure in a life like mine is simply overwhelming.

Welcome to my home, Lord.  Because of what You have done, I’m going to remember Your sacrifice of love this week.  I’m going to find joy in welcoming You into my heart afresh.  Thank you that Your kingly love can flood through even the most humble little door.

2 Responses to “Joy in an open door”

  1. Kelli Rogers at 4:53 pm #

    Hi, I found the lovely picture of your door online! I work for a faith-based nonprofit in Baton Rouge, LA called HOPE Ministries where we help individuals and families living in poverty move toward self-sufficency. We operate a food pantry as well as quite a few other programs. We’d love your permission to use your picture on our holiday mailout, as our message is always that “HOPE opens doors.” Please feel free to visit our website at or email me direclty at

    Thanks so much!

    Kelli Rogers
    Director of Volunteer Services
    HOPE Ministries

    P.S. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog since coming across it in our search for door pictures. (-:

    • Jennifer White at 5:48 pm #

      Thank you for your very kind comment, Kelli. I just realized this was in my comment queue…I apologize that I missed it and the opportunity to help you. I hope you found what you needed. You’re more than welcome to email me any time you need anything in the future. Blessings on your ministry!

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