Adventures in motherhood

17 Nov

This week we find our heroine making a visit to Lowe’s.  Not for home improvement merchandise, no, for a Light Bulb Changing Extension Rod.  Not for changing light bulbs, no.

First I extended it out the entire 11 feet.  Then I duct taped my rake pole to it for another five feet.  Then I duct taped my flashlight to close end of the rake pole.  Then I duct taped my garden hand claw thing to the far end.  Then I reached as far as I could under my house to retrieve the winter coat that my puppy left under the house 11 months ago.  The night I sat peacefully watching late night tv when he started crying like crazy right under my feet.  Fortunately he came out of his coat before I had to crawl under the house in the cold and the mud.  And now the coat has finally come home.

But wait…there’s more.

As I sit here writing, I start wondering where the little precious is.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen his little mug.  Calling him, calling him.  No dog.  I move away from my desk, grumbling, to find him.  Must be on my bed or in the trash.  Again.  Nope.  He’s nowhere, but I know I brought him in from the yard.  Suddenly I turn.  And crack up.

Have you ever heard of a schnauzer who jumps into the bath tub on his own?  Apparently I own one.  He may have been a baby last winter, but he’s a teenager now.  Heaven help me.

Ah, motherhood.

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