Muffin update #2: the first recipe

13 Nov

Verdict: Yummy.

This recipe was very easy to prepare and bake.  I did follow the suggestions given in the comments — I used ½ cup water and ½ cup milk and an egg to improve the texture.  Adding the cream cheese was a cinch.  I took a block of cream cheese and cut it into muffin-sized slivers and just pushed one down into the center of each muffin cup before baking.  I did NOT add sugar or an egg to the cream cheese to make a filling for two reasons: 1) the muffin itself has got plenty of carbs without adding anymore, and 2) I just appreciate the simple goodness of cream cheese all by itself more than I do sweet fillings.

Ten minutes into cooking these muffins had the house smelling so good I thought I might pass out before they were finished.  No candle has ever smelled so good.  And keep in mind I’m not a pumpkin kind of girl.

Delivered half to new neighbors and the other half to co-workers.  So far the enjoyment has been unanimous.  My co-workers have been warned another different batch is imminent, so polishing off this batch quickly is necessary.  Otherwise we may have to institute a “free muffin with purchase” policy.

Option #3 is next.  Stay tuned.

One Response to “Muffin update #2: the first recipe”

  1. Jason at 1:54 pm #

    These are YUM-O! Thank you so much!

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