13 things that scare me to death

31 Oct

1.  Snakes.  “Why’d it have to be snakes?”

2.  People who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  Nice to meetcha!

3.  Doing dishes.  Eeek!

4.  The Walmart checkout line. On Saturday.  On Black Friday.

5.  Horror movies.  Nope.  Can’t do ‘em.  Didn’t watch ‘Jaws’ till I was 33, and then it was in the morning with all the doors and windows open, in the seat furthest away from the tv, and the remote control in my hand.

6.  Retirement.  Like there will ever actually be one.

7.  Nicolas Cage.

8.  A world without puppy dogs.

9.  Losing my mind.  Whoops.  Too late.

10.  Nepotism.

11.  Tsunamis.  Or living in a submarine.

12.  Success.

13.  ‘Dancing With the Stars’…season 22…or worse — reruns.  You know it’s coming.

Now, what scares you?

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

One Response to “13 things that scare me to death”

  1. Jason October 31, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    13 Things That Terrify Me:

    1) Spiders (call me Miss Muffet, and I’ll deck you!)

    2) Snakes (on a plane or otherwise, they terrify me)

    3) Two more years of a Democratic-held Congress and White House.

    4) Being cremated. No idea why. It’s irrational. But it still terrifys me.

    5) Having five children. We have four because we DO NOT WANT FIVE!

    6) The re-release of all six Star Wars movies–in 3D. Why mess with the Original Trilogy again? All he can do is screw it up more than he did with the Special Edition versions!

    7) Daytime television. There’s a reason why I have a job.

    8) My children’s teenage years. Can the Second Coming happen before my eldest turns 13? If he lives that long…

    9) Turning 40. Which happens in November. Holy half-octogenarian! And I have a TWO YEAR OLD!

    10) IBS

    11) The day my wife says “I want us to be foster parents again.”

    12) Having to teach any of my children how to drive.

    13) Moving. Do you know how much crap we have accumulated?

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