The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & annual Alumni BBQ

4 Apr

The 1st ever Act One Film Festival & Annual Alumni BBQ.  It was a 12-hour day, but it was terrific.

I was pretty nervous — as I tend to be at events where there are famous writers or strangers in general — but God was faithful to provide many lessons in humility for me.  I tripped over the same place in the cement path three times, and my sparkling water bottle exploded all over me and the carpet in front of everyone in the lobby.  No need to go into further detail about my adventures in poise — you get the picture from these highlights.  There are just some days/lifetimes where being cool is just too much to ask.

It’s going to be very hard to leave my friends behind, though they continue to work on me to get me to move out here.  My biggest prayer concern right now is what is next for me.  The fog is just as thick right now as it was before I came, with the exception of being more motivated to write.

Speaking of being motivated to write…  I have “The First Ten Pages” due first thing tomorrow morning.  I’ve been using my Christmas in the Cotswolds concept for all of my assignments here, but those of you who have read any previous drafts will know that the story just isn’t ready yet.  It’s like a tomato that refuses to turn red on the vine.  One of the notes I was given last week about my treatment was that I should not be afraid to put it aside and work on something else.  Fine.  What?  I’ve got lots of shells, but without any nuts in the middle.  The hooks are what is eluding me these days.  It’s like I’ve taken a huge bite of Rocky Road and my brain has frozen solid.  Well, my Hungary story has got multiple hooks, but I promise you I’m not ready to write that one yet.  I’m seriously considering getting on a plane for Hungary as soon as I get back so I can start writing that one.  I’ve only got till Christmas to work an entire outline with my mentor (to be named at a later date), so I’ve got to figure out what concept I’m going to be working on asap!

So I’m sitting here staring at a particularly odiferous script, trying to slash what I can to bring it up to semi-adequate, and deciding to blog a little instead.  Just trying to jump start the creative juices, I guess.  I would appreciate your prayers for creativity that will be meaningful to viewers.

Stay cool!

(Cross-posted at Tumblr.)

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