4 Apr

A trip to the Burbank AMC to watch the new Harry Potter movie together.  Instead of “cheese” it was “stupify!”

A side note to go along with what I was saying in my “Getting Real” post earlier — if you’re one of those people sticking to your guns about Harry Potter being evil, I really encourage you to pray further about it.  I find that if you pray before you watch any movie you may find that God will show you ways to connect with non-believers who need His love and your children in ways that you would never have expected.  You’ve got the armor and love of God — if you’re going to not see a movie let it be for a legitimate reason rather than because of prejudice.

I have both read the books and seen the movies, so I can personally say that whether J.K. Rowling intended it, or any of the directors of the film franchise intended it, there are Christian themes of self-sacrifice, friendship, and fighting for what is right in spite of the cost running through each of the seven stories.  If you’re going to stop reading something because of sin content, you’re going to have to stop reading the Bible…or going to church.

Forgive the soapbox.  Being preachy is not my most attractive feature.  Let’s just say that where I am at the moment gives me a particular…clarity on the issue.  All Christians should read “Behind the Screen.”  It should be mandatory.  Go see the sample chapter at Amazon if you can’t bring yourself to check it out from the library.

(Cross-posted at Tumblr.)

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