‘Pitching Brilliance’

4 Apr

Pitching Brilliance

(Potentially NSFW)  This is a palate cleanser after a day like today.

It’s been the toughest day I’ve had since we’ve started.  Two big assignments were due today — one was a 3-5 page script I didn’t know about until Tuesday afternoon, and the other was my rough pitch, which I’d understood was for my classmates but turns out it was really for faculty.  Eeeeeek.  The pitch was not my most shining moment, for many reasons, and I felt pretty awful about it afterward.  But my hosts tried to cheer me up by going with me to dinner and showing me this video made by their friend.

It worked.  Only in L.A. would you expect homeless guys to know more about the movie industry than anyone else.

(Cross-posted at Tumblr.)

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