A prayerful look ahead

30 Mar

Here is a list of my major assignments and due dates to add to your prayer list:

Credo – a personal belief/mission statement which will be presented to the class 7/31 (if not before).

TV Track – A presentation will be made by the faculty to the students on 7/14 so that students can determine whether or not they wish to enter the TV Track (additional or instead of Film Track).  This does mean additional hours and assignments.  I am already pursuing the Film Track, but am not sure about the TV Track yet.

10 Loglines – Loglines for 10 movies I am interested in making which will be presented to the class 7/16.  Best two will be chosen then revised for re-presenting on 7/17.

5-Minute Pitch – Favorite logline will be the basis for creating a 5-minute pitch of my chosen movie which will be presented to the class on 7/23, then polished and pitched to the Executive Program students (our future Hollywood execs) on 7/25.

Treatment – Summary of my chosen movie which will be turned in on 7/28.

First 10 Pages – The first 10 pages of my chosen movie written and submitted on 8/4.

Act One Film Festival & Alumni BBQ – First ever Act One Film Festival on 8/1 where the alumni and spouses/guests will be joining us.

Wrap Party – Closing celebration with the Act One community on 8/8.

There are two other things worth mentioning here:

1) My hosts work in the industry and frequently host friends/parties in their home.  Please pray that God will bless my relationship with them and that I will be both a good guest and a comfortable socializer at their gatherings.  They have also offered to give me a personal tour of Paramount Studios.

2) The Act One Executive Program will be joining us for joint sessions several times throughout the weeks.  Please pray for my relationships with them to grow and flourish in the same way that God will cause my relationships with my fellow writers to flourish.  The idea here is that we will be able to both sharpen one another as well as help one another in the industry.

All my relationships here will be extremely important.  Being an introvert, socializing is not a strong point for me, so I certainly need God’s help to relax and step into His will.

Thanks for your prayers!

(Cross-posted at Tumblr on July 14, 2009.)

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