What is good about the day that Christ died?

29 Mar

My very simple answer is that if He had not, we would never have known how much God loves us.

The price He paid breaks my heart because I know that it is what I have done that cost Him so dearly.  In my life I have chosen to go against God’s teachings and live in absolute selfishness, hurting my Creator and others around me.  Without Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice I would have been separated from God’s love, peace, joy, wisdom and help forever.  I would never have known the comfort of the Holy Spirit during my darkest hours.  I would never have experienced miracles or healing or doors that open to His rich blessing right in the middle of suffering.  I need Jesus, and I am so very grateful for what He did for me.  I observe Good Friday because it is important to me to keep afresh in my mind how easy it is for me to live for myself…and the proof of how amazingly deep His love for me is.

If you are confused by why Jesus had to die, you can ask God to show you.  Find a copy of a Bible and turn to the New Testament.  In the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John you will find the record of Christ’s days on earth.  In the book of Romans, you will find a deeper understanding of why He did what He did and what it means.  You can read the Bible online at You Version and Crosswalk.  As you read, just ask Him to explain it to you, and He will.

If you would like more love in your life and you don’t know Christ, you should know that He wants to love you as much as He loves me.  Ask Him to love you, and He will.

In honor of the most important week of the year, my weekend movie watching picks are the mini-series Jesus of Nazareth (1977) and the film The Passion of the Christ (2004).

Jesus of Nazareth used to come on tv every Easter when I was growing up.  It tells the story of the life of Christ from the cradle to the grave, and beyond.  The Passion of the Christ, though extremely difficult to watch, is an honest portrayal of the last hours of Jesus’ life here on earth.  It will explain Good Friday for you in a very tangible way.

My prayer for you today is that you would the remembrance of Jesus’ horrible death at our own hands would bring you great assurance of God the Father’s love for you.  His love is not like anything on earth.  He proved it on the cross.

(Cross-posted at Examiner.com on April 10, 2009.)

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