Sole possession of the remote control

29 Mar

My married friends may get to hold hands and cuddle, but my spouseless life is not without its benefits.  Though she may have to miss Oprah so he can watch ESPN (for the good of marital harmony), I have sole possession of the remote control.

Never underestimate the power of a 24-hour chick zone.

Forget Saturday morning golf and Sunday afternoon football — I’ve got a loaded remote control and a library card, and I know how to use them!

Step 1:  Log onto the Metropolitan Library’s website.  It’s free.

Step 2:  Find and reserve your preferred feature films, documentaries or yoga lessons.  For free.

Step 3:  Pick them up when ready.  Did I mention they’re free?

Step 4:  Pop your favorite flavor popcorn.

Step 5:  Insert DVD into DVD player.

Step 6:  Acquire remote control, press play and enjoy.

The Oklahoma County Metropolitan Library makes it so easy they practically gift wrap and deliver.  Now that’s what I call taxpayer money well spent.

My library reservation recommendation for this weekend:  Marty (1955).

Marty’s a bachelor who’s approaching his expiration date.  He’s nagged about getting married by every insensitive person on the block and their dog.  He fought in the war, has always taken care of his family’s needs before his own and works hard at what he does.  His insecurity about his future and how he deals with the expectations of other people makes him a character you’ll root for all the way — if you don’t fall in love with him yourself.  Marty won four Oscars, including Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

Hope you enjoy the peace and blessing of having sole possession of your own remote control this weekend.  Pass the popcorn, please.


Have any other movies you’d like to suggest?  Leave me a comment, drop an email, or find me on Twitter.

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