‘More power! (Arr-arr-arr!)’

29 Mar

Tim the Tool Man Taylor used to say “More power!”  I couldn’t agree more.  Maybe we’re not as strong as the big boys, but just because we’re women doesn’t mean we can’t use power tools.

For my birthday last year, my mom got me a power drill.  I had some shelves I needed to install in the bathroom and, quite frankly, was a little tired of having to recruit my brothers to do stuff like that for me, so it was the perfect gift.  Having no prior experience with power tools, in the last eight months I have:

– Carved and decorated pumpkins
– Removed old window treatments
– Installed curtain rods, roman shades, and cordless shades

And yesterday, I installed new curtain rods and curtains in my office.  It was a very simple job, one that would have taken me two hours to do with a regular screwdriver.  In about 30 minutes, each of four brackets had two screws in them, curtains slid onto the rod, and voila!  Instant office makeover.

Ladies, never be afraid of trying something new — or of trying your hand at power tools.  Unlike our counterparts, we can read (and follow) directions.


(Cross-posted at Examiner.com on April 25, 2009.)

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