Marital Status: Not Interested

29 Mar

Seems like every form you ever fill out they want to know your marital status.  The options: Single and Married.  What if you’re neither?  Have you ever wished you could just check “Not Interested?”

Single means never married, available.  Married means off the market, two for tea.  But I’m neither.

I’m divorced, which means I’m no longer single.  I’m not married or in a relationship, which means I don’t fit the mold.  I’m committed to my Christian beliefs, which means I’m crazy for not wanting to be Carrie Bradshaw.  I can’t win.

So I’m not trying any more.

I don’t have to play the game.  The freedom I have in just living life is worth the price of someone else’s disapproval.  They don’t have to live with me.  But I do.

I am off the market.  I am unavailable.  I am a party of one.  I am not concerned or affected.

I am Not Interested.

Now — can we move on to something more important?

(Cross-posted at on April 11, 2009.)

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