How chastity can help you survive the recession

29 Mar

If you’re not married, I’ve got great news for you.  You can save a truckload of money by keeping your pants on.

One of the arguments I’ve heard given to smokers to help them quit is how much money they would save if they weren’t smoking.  You add up how many packs per day, find out how much it costs per month or year, and then add in the air fresheners, the teeth whitenings, and the cost for related medical treatment.  Cha-ching!

Sex isn’t any different.  Just think about it for a minute.  How does the cost of sex add up?

Birth control
KY Arousal Gel
Pregnancy tests
AIDS tests
Hair color
Fake nails
Boob jobs
Fill in the blank: ____________

Does the way you see and feel about yourself depend on your sexual magnetism?  Will you lose friends or boyfriends over whether your hair is colored or what your cup size is?

I’d never tell you not to shop (heaven forbid), but what I am saying is that taking a good look at the reasons why we’re dropping the cash for some things might lead to fewer physical, emotional and financial consequences, and a little more self-contentment and that lovely jingling sound in our pockets.  Give yourself permission to skip the sex merchandising and find out for yourself what kind of freedom (and spare cash) there really is on the other side.

(Cross-posted at on April 29, 2009.)

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