Friday flick-pick: ‘An Ideal Husband’

29 Mar

You don’t have to have a husband, or an ideal one, to appreciate this witty romantic comedy from Miramax.

Based on Oscar Wilde’s play, An Ideal Husband (1999) revolves around a couple at the height of the social and political scene during the Season in Victorian London.  Sir Robert Chiltern is a rapidly rising member of Parliament, and his wife Gertrude is his right arm.  Their lives are a study in integrity and honor — until Mrs. Chevley arrives.  She’s come to town from Vienna to extract payment from Robert for his past.  Their friend and notorious playboy Lord Arthur Gorling and Robert’s sister Mabel also get entangled in the mess where ideals have become idols.  The choices each character makes lead to a new definition of love and a revelation of what honor really is.

The Metropolitan Library only has one copy, and there’s usually a waiting list.  If you want to see it this weekend, better check with Netflix or Blockbuster.

(Cross-posted at on April 24, 2009.)

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